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Beigetreten: 07.04.2011
Beiträge: 71
Multiple Car Pile Up on the M25 (But I Still Quite Like You)

Drowning in my own self pity (but at least my hairs ok)

Dysentry On My First and Only Ever Date

My Cat Doesn't Like Me Anymore

My Quiff Looks Weird On Tuesdays

She Overcooked the Tofu (And Now I Feel So Betrayed)

Jodrell Bank Suicide Pact

Another Bad Holiday ( I Don't Know Why I Bother)

The Occupational Health And Safety Inspector Eats A Cucumber Sandwich

How Much For That Riff My Dear?

Why Doesn't Anyone Love My New Material?

Fake Vomit At The Observatory's Staircase

Rogues and Rapscallions tire me out

its getting better, marginally

Elsie Tanner nicked my spanner

Arthur Lowe's Teaboy

Ooh id murder a bacon sarnie.

I Don't Like You But I Quite Fancy Your Brother

Just Because I Fed Your Hamster Doesn't Mean I Like You

Post Office Queue Blues

Death At a Birthday Party

My Neighbour's Mini-Skip

cheerfulness Is Overrated

Never Sing In An Abattoir

How Soon Was When?

I Lied When I Said I Liked Your T-Shirt

Since “Mozalini” is currently enamoured with all things Italian, I would suggest:

La Dreary Vita

The Carnivorous Carabinieri

(I’d Like To See The) Pope On A Rope

Carry On Up The Colosseum

The Waiter With The Biggest Pepper Mill

I Threw 3 Coins In The Fountain And Now I’m Skint Again

I Thought "Up Pompeii" Was A Film
Übersicht » Pop
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